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R2R Arm Pump is a natural muscle oil made from 100% pure botanical essential oils.

The synergistic blend of carefully chosen essential oils in this product is invigorating for your muscles and is designed to relax & soothe your muscles during training/racing.

R2R Arm Pump is ideal for a  variety of sports, including Motocross, Motorcyclists, Cyclists, BMX, Mountain-Bikers, Golfers & even Tennis Players.

There are many reasons & benefits to use R2R Arm Pump. From aiding fatigued & tired muscles to general aches & pains, it can also be used as a massage oil, or even simply adding a couple of drops to a hot bath for general well-being and relaxation.

Perfect for tired aching arm muscles.


Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome (CECS) of the Forearm

Arm pump is a clinical condition in which an individual develops intermittent marked pain in the forearms after a period of exercise or exertion.  The pain is thought to arise due to swelling of the muscles of the forearm that affects the blood flow to these muscles and causes the oxygen levels to drop.

Arm pump typically affects younger adults, mainly men.  It is most commonly associated with motor sports such as motocross and road racing, but other activities such as paddling, weightlifting and mountaineering can induce this condition.  It is thought that riders participating in motocross and road racing are particularly affected due to the combination of vibration, forced grip and repeated wrist movements to control the throttle.  The symptoms typically start approximately 7 minutes into the race.

This is not a common condition, but it should be considered in an individual who develops marked forearm pain after a period of exertion that settles spontaneously after a period of rest (ranging from 12 minutes to 24 hours).  The forearm will typically feel hard and tight while the pain is present.  Numbness in the hand, or cramping of the muscles of the forearm, weakness or clumsiness may occur.

How to use Arm Pump
1. Roll R2R Arm Pump to the area first thing in the morning.
2. 30 minutes before your activities, re apply R2R Arm Pump.

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