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Arm Pump

What is Arm Pump?

CECS or 'Arm Pump' is a clinical condition where notable intermittent pain is felt in the forearms after exercise or a period of exertion. The pain comes from the swelling of the muscles in the forearm which impacts blood flow to these muscles, causing oxygen levels to drop.


Who gets it?

Arm Pump typically affects anyone whose forearms are exposed to a repeated combination of vibration, forced grip and repeated wrist movements. For motorsports like motocross and road racing this is from continued throttle control. Many other sports activities could also leave you with this condition though.

How do I know if I have it?

Arm Pump isn't a common condition, but it you are struggling with significant tight forearm pain after a prolonged period of exertion that eases after a rest period of anything up to 24 hours then it could be worth consideration. Along with cramping in the forearm you may also feel a numbness or general weakness and lack of dexterity in the hand.

What other conditions have similar symptoms?

Tendinopathies may feel similar in terms of forearm muscle tightening and trapped nerves due to repetitive use - for example, tennis or golfers elbow.

How do I use Relax to Race Arm Pump?

We recommend the following:

  • Massage R2R Arm Pump into the affected area first thing in the morning
  • 30 minutes before activity, re-apply R2R Arm Pump
  • On application, the gel is easily absorbed through the skin allowing it to target the muscles and bloodstream directly. You will notice the benefit of R2R Arm Pump approximately 30 minutes after application
  • Do not use apply to pre-existing skin conditions or broken skin
  • Do not use during pregnancy